Friday, September 30, 2016

The Enzyme Practice -- So Your Food is Actually Food

Try this at every meal.  Take Zypan.

 It's not complicated but the results are astounding.
Enzymes are gone from our food.  Cooked food doesn't have enzymes because heat destroys it.  Canned and processed foods have no enzymes, either.  This allows for food companies to save food for a long time and not lose money.  Raw foods such as fresh produce have lost their enzymes because of pesticides and farming practices.  We just can't win!

When enzymes are lost from foods, the intestines have to secrete more enzyme-like hormones to finish the job.  If that goes on too long the pancreas becomes enlarged.  Not a good idea.

When poorly digested food gets past the digestive tract, inflammation and body-wide pain kicks in.

Do you feel bloated and worn out after a meal?  Let's talk about the benefits of Zypan.  I take it with meals.  I won't go without.