Sunday, June 25, 2017

You Won't See This on a Standard Process Bottle

Just to let you know, the entire Standard Process product guide is available online, all the time.

CLICK HERE for the SP Product Guide

At first I was intimidated by the Standard Process product line.  Who wouldn't?  But they put on very good seminars locally for health practitioners and I have occasionally brought along the ultra-interested practice member.

Two main rules in feeding the body are 1- Know what you body actually needs to thrive.  2- Know where your food concentrates come from. 

Standard Process provides the micro-nutrition that is now missing from our food supply.  Anything you buy from the grocery store, farmer's market or grow yourself needs this boost.  

Anytime a doctor says you can get all your nutrition from food, just realize that this person is sadly mistaken.  In a perfect world, this would be true.  But so many short-cuts have been taken in the farming and processing industry, along with pollution in the environment, that is not the case anymore.  

But, don't fret.  The body can heal itself with the right building blocks.  Yes, it's a little scary to think about the dirty chemicals in the environment, but we just keep plugging away at making our bodies resilient. 

I have simple questionnaires that will lead us in the right direction so I can offer you a fantastic combination of Standard Process products.   Just ask. 

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